Intermetra - brief information

About Intermetra

Intermetra Business & Market Research Group is a full service research company in quantitative and qualitative research. Intermetra was founded in 1991.


Our clients work in several areas:

  • Consumer goods and services
  • B2B
  • Healthcare 
  • Public sector

Scope of data collection

We conduct most types of data collection; telephone, on-line, postal, face-to-face, central location interviews and focus groups.

We have our own in-house field force to ensure quick communication, excellent recruitment quality and fast turnaround of projects.

For our clients we manage projects in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Through our long-term network, The Research Alliance, we can offer market research in all major global markets.


We have our own facilities in central Gothenburg including a focus group room with one-way mirror and CL rooms. For qualitative projects outside Gothenburg we have a network of tried and approved facilities, including one-way mirror in Stockholm.


  • Postal and visiting address: Kungstorget 2, 411 17 Göteborg
  • Phone: 031 - 721 90 00
  • E-mail:

CEO, Anders Lindahl
Phone: +46 31 721 90 03

Consumer & B2B, Anders Lindahl
Phone: +46 31-721 90 03

Healthcare, Råger Mårlind
Phone: +46 31-721 90 04

Public, Markus Lagerqvist
Phone: +46 31-721 90 06

PanelPlus online panel, Rasmus Sundqvist
Phone: +46 31-721 90 08

Field Manager/Facility rental, Toni Vierto/Jonas Berntsson
Phone: +46 31-721 90 12


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