Intermetra - brief information

About Intermetra

Intermetra Business & Market Research Group is a full service research company in quantitative and qualitative research. Intermetra was founded in 1991.


Our clients work in several areas:

  • Consumer goods and services
  • B2B
  • Healthcare 
  • Public sector

Scope of data collection

We conduct most types of data collection; telephone, on-line, postal, face-to-face, central location interviews and focus groups.

We have our own in-house field force to ensure quick communication, excellent recruitment quality and fast turnaround of projects.

For our clients we manage projects in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Through our network we can offer market research in all major global markets.


We have our own facilities in central Gothenburg including a focus group room with one-way mirror and CL rooms. For qualitative projects outside Gothenburg we have a network of tried and approved facilities, including one-way mirror in Stockholm.


  • Postal and visiting address: Kungstorget 2, 411 17 Göteborg
  • Phone: 031 - 721 90 00
  • E-mail:

CEO, Anders Lindahl
Phone: +46 31 721 90 03

Consumer & B2B, Anders Lindahl
Phone: +46 31-721 90 03

Healthcare, Råger Mårlind
Phone: +46 31-721 90 04

Public, Markus Lagerqvist
Phone: +46 31-721 90 06

PanelPlus online panel, Rasmus Sundqvist
Phone: +46 31-721 90 08

Field Manager/Facility rental, Clara Kårelind
Phone: +46 31-721 90 12


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